mercoledì 17 dicembre 2008

About me - Denis lalfela

I was born on 1st August, 1978 at Chhingchhip, a small village situated some 80 kms from the Capital, Aizawl. After having completed class VII in a catholic school, I entered the diocesan Minor Seminary at Kolasib. St. John's High School became my home for three years. Being the last batch of the old MBSE course, we had the fortune of going to college for classes XI-XII. Towards the end of my pre-university studies, life became tougher and it was not easy. The Lord had some other plan for me. He made it known to me on 7th June, 1997 in a charismatic retreat, attended by nearly 400 people. Until then, i remained about six months at home descerning the will of God. Fortunately, i came into contact with the Salesians through the person of Fr. Alexius Sanglura. My first experience with Salesians (14 Aug 1997- April 1998) at an interior and poor mission of Umswai sharpened and deepened my vocation.
One year of Novitiate at Sunnyside (May 1998-May 1999) was short and sweet. There I met salesians in a big number. Daily life enriched by lessons and contact with the people made life worthwhile.
Three years of south indian experience (June 1999 - May 2002) as a student of Bachelor of Philosophy and of Bachelor of Arts (economics) made things brighter. Trips to holy places like Vailankani, Thomas Mount etc were events of grace. My visit to Kerala gave me an opportunity to witness the profound faith of the people and their deep sense of religiousity. No wonder why they have vocations in abundance!
It was a big surprise and something least unexpected when my Rector communicated to me of my Provincial's plan to send me to Italy for Practical Training and Theology. We landed in Rome on 5th July 2002. Now it's almost seven years that i am in Italy. I thank the Almighty God for his constant care and protection. I thank him for his tangible love and for his countless blessings.
I was ordained a Catholic priest on 13th September in Christ the King Cathedral, Aizawl, Mizoram. The Cathedral was packed to its capacity. I feel fortunate even today that the first local Bishop, Rt. Rev. Stephen Rotluanga CSC., DD., consecrated me as priest. I am now in the II year of Licentiate in Systematic Theology in UPS, Rome. .... more updates later.........

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